• Luxury natural cosmetics based on the bold
• Certified medical cosmetic products
• Making personalized cosmetics

Luxury natural immortelle plant
based cosmetics made out of love
for the everlasting plant.

Divinum is healthy organic, clinically tested cosmetic product.

Divinum brand comes out on the market with the line of luxurious natural products based on immortelle plant from our own biodynamical cultivation.

”Imortelle” is the first line of natural cosmetic products with outstanding ingredients in hygienic, eco-friendly glass bottles and containers.

The line consists of four superb products, inspired by old times and the beauty of the gods and deities of the antient era.

1. ethereal immortelle oils ”Zeus”
2. Immortelle oil ”Hara”
3. Immortelle hydrolates ”Helios”
4. Balm ”Athena”

Provide superior skin care and fragrance with ANTI AGE effect.
To renew and enrich the skin inside and out by selecting proven, quality 100% natural ingredients.
Controlled organic farming birch and certified clinically tested Kemig oils and raw materials.
Our customers’ satisfaction and trust are guaranteed!

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